How to Store Paper to Minimize Printing Problems

Published: February 15th, 2016

Category: News

How you store your copy paper may have a direct effect on the performance of your PrintSmart device. While the “To Do’s” of paper storage may seem obvious, you may be surprised at the simple things listed below will ensure best results. They include the following:

Climate Control

  • Store your paper on shelves or in cabinets rather than right on the floor to avoid moisture absorption.
  • Choose an area that’s protected from extreme temperatures and humidity which stays cool and dry. Heat and humidity will cause the paper to curl up which can lead to paper jams within your device.

Do Not Open Until…

  • It’s recommend you leave reams sealed in their original ream wrapper, in the shipping carton during paper storage. Do not open the wrapper until you are ready to load the paper into your copier or printer.
  • If stored outside of their boxes, reams should be stored in neat stacks and on flat surfaces. Uneven surfaces can press a bend into the paper, creating the possibility for a paper jam.
  • Load the printer with full reams of paper if possible. Storage of partial reams leaves exposed paper open to the possibility of damage, which will cause printing problems later on.

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