Why PrintSmart?


Visibility (TCO)

  • UF used to spend around $3.4 million annually on copier output costs alone. This equates to $.075 per impression, based upon 45,000,000 annual impressions.
  • PrintSmart provides a platform that enables UF to closely monitor printing costs and know the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of its devices, including hardware purchases, leases, price-per-page charges, toner or print cartridges, and maintenance.
  • Visibility allows for optimization and savings which are the ultimate goals of PrintSmart.


  • Zeno, the contractor, is in charge of managing equipment, supplies and maintenance, increasing efficiencies by standardizing equipment and supplies.
  • Departments’ only responsibilities will be to purchase and load paper into the equipment and replace toner as needed.


  • PrintSmart offers effective features that will stretch departmental dollars and conserve university resources.
  • Crucial to the success of this initiative is correctly matching right-sized with the needed functionality to departmental printing practices. This goal will be attained through Zeno’s expertise in the implementation of Managed Printing Services.


  • The program will monitor and reduce the number of output devices in addition to replacing high-energy-usage equipment with EnergyStar devices.
  • While the initial focus will be on per-copy cost, the university’s ultimate goal is to decrease the consumption of paper and increase the electronic handling and storage of documents.