Why is UF introducing the PrintSmart initiative?
UF Procurement Services negotiated and awarded a contract to Xerox/Zeno (ITN21SN-110 effective July 1, 2021) with the purpose of introducing multifunctional devices (MFDs) and a managed print solution to the UF campus. With this innovative contract, departments will obtain networked equipment owned by Zeno in an effort to reduce UF's total cost of ownership of currently owned and leased equipment and improving internal efficiency and productivity.
What is included in the program? What type of equipment will be provided in the PrintSmart Program?
The PrintSmart Program includes equipment (MFD’s and Workgroup printers), preventive maintenance, break/fix repair and parts, software, installation, training and supplies (including staples, excluding paper). The type, models, and quantities of equipment will be determined through a detailed assessment of your printing needs. The models of equipment will vary based on departmental needs. The PrintSmart Program includes:
  • Ten multi-functional devices (MFD), which copies, prints, scans and faxes and two workgroup printers.
  • Supplies, including staples, excluding paper
  • Preventive maintenance, break/fix repair and parts
  • Equipment monitored for internal alerts, toner level and monthly meter reads
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) l to ensure response times, device up time percentage and first-time fix
  • Secure Print option to manage confidential printing
  • Dedicated PrintSmart helpdesk via toll free number or thru web portal
  • Detailed account usage and simplified billing
  • Flexibility for equipment changes
  • Single contract for increased efficiency in managing contract terms and conditions
How does the contract work?
  • All devices will be charged the B/W CPI rate and Color CPI rate for actual usage where an impression is put to page.
  • Included in this rate are access to Zeno/Xerox equipment, preventative maintenance, ordinary repairs and all supplies including toner and staples. Paper is excluded.
  • Toll-Free phone number is provided to reach PrintSmart Helpdesk staff. The dedicated helpdesk will coordinate maintenance and repair requests, supplies and other calls.
  • Certified on-site technicians committed to excellent customer service, including a four-hour response time will be provided.
  • By consolidating spending with a single vendor, UF is taking advantage of economies of scale and efficiencies. Results of similar programs at other large universities have resulted in 25 to 30 percent cost avoidance.
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What is the cost? How will my department be charged?
Please see Pricing Information for further details. If you have further questions, contact UF Procurement Services at procurement@ufl.edu for this information. Invoicing will be done utilizing MyPayment Solutions at the device level with one assigned 8 digit department ID number per device. If devices are shared between one or more departments, then one designated department ID per device must be provided and the charges will need to be broken out by the accepting department. A department may track their usage by the Standard Accounting function on your device. This includes the following:
  • Set up at device level by assigning a unique code to each department/unit or specific users.
  • User enters a unique code before using the device
  • Department pulls usage report from device
Will departments have to buy new equipment after enrolling in the program?
No, although your existing equipment may be replaced with supplied equipment, departments will no longer have to lease or buy new equipment. All equipment, service, maintenance and supplies (excluding paper) are included in the cost per impression (CPI).
What happens to the current leased equipment?
The majority of the non-Xerox leases will be allowed to expire. During this time, each department will continue pay their monthly rate as they have in the past and contact the service provider directly for all maintenance and supply issues.
What do I need to do before my lease expires on my current copier?
It is suggested that you contact UF Purchasing 60 days prior to the expiration of your lease and request a PrintSmart device. In addition, you’ll need to contact the “service provider” in writing to notifying them of your intent to convert over to the PrintSmart program and letting them know of the pick-up date.
What do I need to do about my copier once the lease has expired?
It is suggested that you contact the “service provider” in writing 60 days prior to the expiration of your lease and notify them of your intent to convert over to the PrintSmart program and informing them of the pick-up date (approximately 1 week after date of install). Prior to the pick-up, all data is to be “wiped” from the hard drive EXCEPT the copier’s operating system. The machine must be returned in operating condition or the manufacture will access a service fee to restore the program. The provider is responsible for all pick-up charges (freight) and they’re supposed to complete the process within 10 working days after receiving your written notice.
What happens to equipment that isn't needed anymore?
  • All UF owned equipment not retained under the PrintSmart program should be “surplused”. The department will be responsible for contacting “Property Surplus” and following all internal procedures and completing the Surplus Property Moving Request Form. These may include the following:
    • Before you surplus your UF-owned copier, cancel your maintenance agreement by giving the vendor 30 days prior written notice.
    • Before you surplus your UF owned copier, provide your last meter read to the vendor who maintains the copier.
    • Before you surplus your UF owned copier, notify the vendor (in writing) who maintains the copier and request a pick-up of any vendor owned excess supplies. If the supplies are UF-owned, then the supplies should be sent to Surplus Property.
    • Before you remove your UF owned or leased device, make the necessary arrangements to have the hard drive wiped of any sensitive information leaving the operating system intact.
What will happen to my desktop printer?
The proliferation of these printers imposes a drag on departmental resources because of their acquisition and setup costs, but especially because of their ink/toner replacement costs. If hardcopy printing is necessary, it should be directed to the department’s multi-function device or to University Printing Services. Please note that Faculty printers are not a focus for the assessment.
What about color printing?
The program will include devices that will print color documents if the department has an on-going need. Limiting departmental document production to black-&-white-only will avoid the higher costs associated with color-capable devices. At the time of equipment installation, the PrintSmart team and your local IT personnel can work together to limit color printing to specific staff if needed. Routing color document production to your PrintSmart device or to the University Printing Services represents reasonable stewardship over University dollars and resources.
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Why should my department enroll in the PrintSmart program?
In assessing UF’s current printing environment, several problems were identified. Findings from the initial study revealed UF's current fleet includes too much equipment, the wrong type of equipment, and redundant layers of equipment. With this in mind, cost-savings can only be achieved by skillfully balancing the proportion of equipment to employees and matching equipment needs more effectively to the users throughout UF. Savings under the PrintSmart program are retained at the departmental level.
What is the benefit of a managed print solution?
One of the most valuable benefits of a managed print solution is the fact that equipment in the program can be matched to departmental needs based on monthly volume, quality, finishing capabilities, ease-of-use, paper handling capacity, workflow, office layout and other relevant factors. Zeno will also review the department’s needs to print from special applications to ensure the appropriate device is selected. No two departments are alike. Zeno will provide a comprehensive assessment of the UF copy/print environment and plans for reducing cost and effort in each specific department.
What’s the first step?
Once your department has decided that they’re interested in the PrintSmart program, simply submit a “Device Request” located on the PrintSmart home page. In turn, a Zeno representative will provide a recommendation to meet your specific printing needs based on the estimated monthly volume.
What happens next?
Zeno personnel will review the recommendation with the department representative and answer any questions. Once written approval is received to move forward, then the Zeno representative will confirm if sufficient space is available for the recommended device while also verifying that power source and network drops are available.
When will I receive my new equipment?
Once this information is confirmed, the equipment will be ordered. It usually takes 3-4 weeks to be delivered and installed. Before the equipment is delivered, a Zeno representative will contact the department representative and your local IT personnel to coordinate the details of the installation.
Will equipment be removed from the department? Will the contractor decide if the department can keep the equipment?
That depends on several factors including the age of the equipment, if UF owns or leases the equipment and how expensive it is to maintain the equipment. Ultimately, it will be up to the departments “decision maker” as to which devices are retained and which devices are removed.
What happens if a department's output needs change?
If there is a substantial change in output needs such as volume, number of users, application changes, etc., the Zeno project team will re-evaluate the needs of your department and make appropriate equipment adjustments.
I have security and compliance requirements - will I lose those features?
Your security and compliance requirements will be noted during the assessment and factored into the final recommendation. All devices covered under the PrintSmart program have a featured called “Secured Print’ This feature allows the end user to assign a four-digit code to each print job before sending it to the printer and releasing the job at the device by inputting your four digit number into the machine.
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Training, Service and Supplies Request

Will training be provided if I receive new equipment?
Absolutely, as part of the contract, Zeno will provide initial on-site training at the time of installation for all devices placed under the PrintSmart program along with follow-up training about two weeks later if needed. Also, a training poster will be provided and should be displayed by each machine to assist the end user in basic functions of the device. If you have any questions after your training or request additional training on your PrintSmart device, please feel free to contact the PrintSmart helpdesk at 1-800-226-6482 and they’ll be happy to schedule a trainer to stop by and show you some other features available on your new device. or Also, you can contact UF Procurement Services at procurement@ufl.edu to schedule additional training. In addition, training manuals and videos are also available for viewing on the PrintSmart website.
How will our department's equipment and needs be serviced?
Zeno will provide a dedicated PrintSmart Helpdesk to remotely read monthly usage, detect and fulfill supply needs, and provide advance warning of equipment malfunction to onsite technicians to prevent downtime. All these components — the equipment, supplies and maintenance — are included in the Cost Per Image (CPI) rate.
What happens when our Xerox machine goes down?
You’ll need to contact Zeno’s dedicated PrintSmart Helpdesk support at 1-800-226-6482. The helpdesk support is available from 8 a.m. through 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Online troubleshooting videos will also be available to help with minor issues
What will the contractor's response time be to service calls?
UF will be able to track equipment downtime through intelligent device monitoring software to enforce the signed Service Level Agreement (SLA). The standard response time will be 4 hours after the receipt of a service call. Service will be available Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
How will the contractor know when I need toner or service?
One of the benefits of being in the PrintSmart program is that Zeno will be able to monitor supply levels through intelligent device monitoring software and dispatch supplies to the “key device contact” before the toner cartridge is needed. Many service needs will also be monitored through this software. Additionally, there will be a sticker on your device that will explain how to place service and supply calls if needed. A link to request service/supply will be available on the PrintSmart website. NOTE: Please don’t replace any toner cartridges for print devices until there is a Replace Toner Cartridge alert. If you add toner prematurely, the automated process will not work correctly due to the device never seeing the low toner status and toner will not be sent. Only replace the toner when an alert is received.
Are departments required to purchase supplies?
You shouldn’t have to order supplies manually. Zeno will monitor toner levels through intelligent device monitoring software and will automatically dispatch toner when levels are low. Note: Waste Container Kits and staples are not monitored by the software, so these supplies must be manually ordered. However, these supplies are included in your cost per impression (CPI) charge. Procurement also advises your department to manually place an order for a spare set of toner cartridges as it can take up to 2 business days for your department to receive toner from Zeno (free of charge). Place orders for these supplies by calling the PrintSmart Helpdesk at 1-800-226-6482.
Are departments required to order supplies?
No, all supplies except paper will be provided by Zeno and are included in your cost per impression (CPI) charge. Please do not fall victim to telemarketing fraud from companies misrepresenting themselves as Zeno/Xerox, trying to sell you supplies. Your department does not need to purchase any toner.
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Why pick just one vendor? Doesn't this create a kind of monopoly?
The selection of one vendor was a conscious decision made by UF Procurement Services to pursue a managed print solution to reduce costs for campus. A formal public solicitation and competitive process resulted in Xerox/Zeno selection as the vendor for this initiative. By consolidating our spending with a single vendor, UF is taking advantage of economies of scale and efficiencies. Results of similar programs at other large universities have resulted in 25 to 30 percent cost avoidance.
What will happen to our old equipment?
Used equipment will be collected by UF Asset Management and scrubbed of data prior to being salvaged.
Are the student lab printers included in the PrintSmart program?
No, student lab printers are not included in the program at this time.
Are specialty printers, such as research lab printers, wide format printers etc. included in the PrintSmart program? What other equipment is not included in the PrintSmart program?
Specialty printers will not be included in the PrintSmart program along with receipt printers, faculty desktop printers; additional items will be added to this list as equipment is discovered through the assessment process.
Can I choose a different contractor?
No, this is an exclusive contract.
Can I negotiate my own contract?
No, this contract was negotiated by UF Procurement Services on behalf of The University of Florida.
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