PrintSmart Savings Tracker

Published: March 24th, 2016

Category: Spotlight

Updated 06/28/2018

The PrintSmart Savings Tracker is based on the total b/w and color impressions for each month multiplied by the PrintSmart cpi rate and subtracting UF’s actual toner cost (copier/printers) for both b/w and color to determine the savings.

Fiscal Year 17/18

1st Quarter $313,610

2nd Quarter $368,276

3rd Quarter $ 393,389

Year-to-date (since 9/13) $5,164,864


Other PrintSmart Facts:

  • Total b/w devices = 769
  • Total color devices = 789
  • Total PrintSmart devices = 1557
  • Percentage of color prints Y-T-D = 27%
  • Devices with Gold EPEAT* rating = 120
  • Devices with Silver EPEAT* rating = 678
  • Devices with Bronze EPEAT* rating = 140

For additional information, feel free to click on the PrintSmart web portal or contact the PrintSmart team at with any questions.

* NOTE: EPEAT is a global environmental rating system for electronic products which includes strict, comprehensive design criteria, production, energy use and recycling. Click on EPEAT for more information.

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