PrintSmart ListServ

A PrintSmart Listserv was created to assist UF IT personnel in requesting help with PrintSmart technical issues. The purpose of the list is to discuss and share information related to PrintSmart, including:

  • Setup and installation (hardware and software)
  • Implementation (print queues, group policies, etc)
  • Policies (access, chargebacks, etc.)
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Supplies (receiving and returning)
  • Anything else relevant

The list is located at

The list is currently open for self-subscription. Click on the link below to send a request to be added to the list. You will then receive an email back with instructions as to how initiate a question or respond to an inquiry.

The PrintSmart team hopes that personnel involved in setting up and or maintaining PrintSmart equipment will find this Listserv to be helpful. Please pass this notice on to other involved staff that may not be on the IT discussion list. The IT Wiki is still the best location for maintaining technical documentation and best practices, which should be maintained in concert.