Break/Fix & Supply Request

Key Device Contacts (KDC) can now submit their Break/Fix & Supply request via the PrintSmart web portal instead of calling the Help desk to report an issue. NOTE: Units supported by UF Health IT should continue to call the Technical Support Center at 265-0526 for break/fix issues but can utilize the PrintSmart web portal for supply requests.

Next, click on the appropriate button below (‘Break/Fix’ for issues with your print device(s) or ‘Supply Request’ to get access to supplies) where you will be redirected to the web portal sign-on screen.

Your first time logging on? For your User Name: enter your UF email address and click on “Forgot Password”. You will be emailed a one-time (temporary) login credential that you can use to login with. Once you are logged in, you must change your password and will use that new password in the future. No one at Xerox will ever know your password. If forgotten, you can click the “Forgot Password link to have it reset via automated email.

If you’re unable to login, please contact Crystal Norton from our team to retrieve their login information. Her email is

Remember, you must first be registered as a “Key Device Contact” (KDC) for your department to access the Xerox web portal. To become a KDC or change the KDC contact information for a specific device, complete the “Key Device Contact Change Request” form located on the home page of the UF PrintSmart webpage. It may take 24-48 hours to update our records.

Once you’re able to log into the Xerox web portal, simply click on the Xerox web-portal instructions and follow the screen shots to place your order.



You may also contact the PrintSmart help desk by calling 1-855-306-1220. You will need to know the serial number of the device you’re requesting a break/fix or replacement supplies. You can locate this information on the PrintSmart label affixed to the front or top of your printer. (see images below) The attendant answering the phone will ask a series of questions confirming specific information regarding the device before taking your request. This is to help self -diagnosis the issue in hopes of resolving the problem without dispatching a technician. In addition, knowing this information beforehand allows the technician to understand the issue before arriving at your location to make repair.