Pricing Information

The PrintSmart contract includes the use of equipment, maintenance & supplies. You’ll no longer need to lease or purchase equipment anymore. The contract includes 10 models of Multi-functional devices (MFD) and 3 workgroup printers. These Multi-functional devices can print, copy fax & scan. All of the equipment includes a standard configuration that meet 95% of campus needs. The CPI rate and or “convenience fee” is proprietary information. Please contact UF Procurement Services at for additional information.

PrintSmart Accessory Price List

Your PrintSmart device comes with a standard configuration which, for most units, will be sufficient. However, some departments may have unique printing needs and might require additional accessories. These additional accessories can be added to your device as a one-time initial cost and should be identified before the device is ordered. This one-time cost will appear on your first invoice as a miscellaneous expense. To review the list of accessories and the pricing, please click on the link below to access the information. Accessory Pricing List

PrintSmart Convenience Fee

As part of the overall PrintSmart program, all departments were assessed by Xerox consultants to develop a “Future State Design” (FSD) for their specific unit. The recommendations were based on maximum savings, office configuration and expected monthly volume. In some cases, the recommended device did not match the specific needs of the department. So in these instances, a department has a choice of paying a PrintSmart “Convenience Fee” which allows a department to receive a bigger Multi-Functional Device (MFD) with a monthly fee appearing on their invoice in addition to the Cost Per Image rate. If after a nine-month trial period, the volume of the bigger device qualifies for a non-convenience price adjustment based on volume, the monthly convenience fee will be suspended. To review the Convenience Fee Schedule please click on the link below to access the information. If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact UF Procurement Services at Convenience Fee Schedule

PrintSmart Underutilized Equipment

In August 2016 the Printsmart program was amended to include a convenience fee for individual devices that were averaging under 1% utilization rate over the preceding 9 months. These fees first appeared on November/16 invoices with October activity. Device volumes are evaluated at 9 month intervals, so this communication is to notify users of changes to convenience fees by device.

If a device usage is above the 1% utilization rate, the convenience fees are discontinued. If a device is under the 1% utilization rate, then a convenience fee will be assessed for the following 9 months. Please note the following:

  • If a department as a whole is meeting their overall Future State Design (FSD) volume, then any underutilized devices within the department will not be assessed a convenience fee.
  • If a department as a whole is not meeting their overall Future State Design (FSD) volume, then only the devices within the department that are under-utilized will be assessed a convenience fee.

As of June 2017, we had 131 devices in which convenience fees were discontinued, 105 devices which were assessed a new convenience fee and 471 devices with no change. A list of departments and devices affected by the convenience fee refresh schedule can be found on the PrintSmart website. Impression fees will continue to apply. You should expect to see these changes reflected in your June invoices for May print activity.