How Does It Work?

Getting Started


Delivery/ Installation


Step 1: Departments will need to submit a “new device request” by clicking on the link located on the home page of the PrintSmart web portal and include your unique printing needs (color, fax, scan printer stand etc…)


Step 1: Based on the data provided, Zeno will recommend the appropriate PrintSmart device for your department. Step 1: Once written approval is received by the Zeno your device will be ordered which typically takes approximately 4 weeks to be delivered. Step 1: Each Department will receive their monthly PrintSmart invoice through myUF Payment Solutions. Invoicing is done by device and by 8-digit Department ID number.
Step 2: Departments will need to provide their expected monthly volume to determine the correct “right sized” device to meet their printing needs. Step 2: Zeno personnel will review the recommendation with the department representative and answer any questions. If written approval is given to move forward, a Zeno representative will confirm that there is sufficient space available for the copier and that power source and network drops are available. Step 2: Before the equipment is delivered, a Zeno representative will coordinate the installation with the freight carrier, departmental contact, departmental financial approver and your local IT personnel to finalize the details of the installation. Step 2: For devices that are shared between more than one department, one designated department ID for each device will need to be assigned. The recipient of the invoice will be able to allocate the expense to multiple departments via myUF Payment Solutions.
Step 3: If space is an issue, Zeno will provide an alternative device for your approval. If there is no power source or net work drop, service will need to be installed before the device can be delivered. Step 3: A Key Device Contact (KDC) is assigned to each PrintSmart device. This person will be the custodian of the device. They will be responsible for maintaining needed supplies (toner, paper, waste container) for the device and train staff in the operation of the copier. Step 3: The device on your bill will be identified by its 9 digit serial number. After reviewing the invoice, simply enter your chartfield information, click save and then the approve button.