How Does It Work?




Department contacts UF Procurement Services and provides general information about printing environment and needs. Based on the data provided, Xerox will determine the appropriate PrintSmart device for your area. Xerox representative will need the following information before the equipment can be ordered:

  • Site contact name, email, phone
  • IT contact name, email, phone
  • KDC name, email, phone #
  • Eight digit department billing ID
  • Consumable shipping address
UF Procurement Services contacts Xerox who will set up a time to meet with department to gather additional information regarding your specific printing needs and your monthly volumes. Xerox personnel will review the recommendation with the department representative and answer any questions. If approval is given to move forward, the Xerox representative will confirm that there is sufficient space is available for the replacement device, and that power source and network drops are available. Once the above information is confirmed, the equipment is ordered. Typically, the equipment will be delivered and installed 3-4 weeks after ordering.
Before the equipment is delivered, the Xerox installation team will contact the dept. representative and your local IT personnel to coordinate the details of the installation.