Did you Know?

The PrintSmart program is pleased to announce over $5 million dollars in direct savings to its University of Florida departments since its inception back in September of 2013!!!  Congratulations to […]

Monthly Performance Scorecard

The PrintSmart team monitors the “Service Level Agreement” (SLA’s) at our monthly business review meetings with Zeno. At this meeting we review several components of the SLA from the previous […]

Coming Soon!

WHAT IS PRINTERSMART? PrintERSmart is an enhancement to PrintSmart that provides a printer-only solution. It continues savings by providing a per impression charge for existing single-function printers (HP, Dell, Brother, […]

PrintSmart Savings Tracker

Updated 5/27/2020 The PrintSmart Savings Tracker is based on the total b/w and color impressions for each month multiplied by the PrintSmart cpi rate and subtracting UF’s actual toner cost […]

Introducing the PrintSmart Toner Recycle Program

After an initial pilot, the PrintSmart team is excited to announce the first of two phases of the “UF Toner Recycle” program.