The University of Florida has a Fax Server solution for campus that uses our existing network to send and receive faxes. End users are able to fax documents anytime & anywhere by using their desktop computer or PrintSmart MFD device. eFAX is an easy-to-use, cost-effective fax service offering provided by Computing & Networking Services for UF Exchange users (faculty and staff). The outbound fax service is a hosted solution meaning there are no fax machines, servers or phone lines for you to purchase or maintain. You do all the faxing from your desktop. As long as you are faxing an electronic document you don’t need any special software, just your Outlook email client. If you need to fax a paper document, you will need to convert it to an electronic document first. Supported document formats are PDF, HTML, JPG, GIF, RTF, Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Please note that outbound international faxes are not allowed.

The new fax service is a paperless service. Not only does this save on paper and toner costs, it helps to reduce waste and saves energy. This effort aligns with the University of Florida initiatives to “go green.”

Benefits include:

  • Lower Telecommunications Costs: By incorporating eFAX you’ll eliminate the need to keep your existing analog phone line to operate your current fax machine.
  • Eliminate Paper-related Overhead: Stop paying for fax paper, cartridges, and machine maintenance. eFAX will eliminate the costs of filing, long-term archival, and manual retrieval of paper faxes.
  • Make Faxing as Easy as Email: Use your email client to send and receive faxes to save time and keep all communications in one place. eFAX works with any SMTP mail client, and provides advanced integration into Microsoft Exchange/Outlook
  • Re-enable Multifunction Printers (MFPs) and Devices: Securely send faxes from your MFPs without purchasing phone lines and costly fax kits for each device. eFAX will work you’re your PrintSmart MFP, and provides advanced control panel integration.
  • Avoid Theft and Snooping: Faxes are point-to-point data transmissions to verified recipients. Faxes do not sit or spool on the Internet and cannot be infected with viruses or malware. eFAX document control limits visibility of received faxes to the recipient only.
  • Support your Green Initiatives: eFAX removes a great deal of paper from your organization. Aside from removing the fax paper printed by machines, eFAX removes the need to print documents and cover sheets solely for faxing. It can also reduce power usage.
  • Leverages Existing Resources: The infrastructure is already in place and in use by the whole campus community. eFAX uses the Xmedius Fax Server to deliver and send your eFAX documents.

For more information, please click on the user guide below or submit a myIT Service Request


eFAX Info and User Guide