What happens to equipment that isn’t needed anymore?

Published: April 27th, 2015


  • All UF owned equipment not retained under the PrintSmart program should be “surplused”. The department will be responsible for contacting “Property Surplus” and following all internal procedures and completing the Surplus Property Moving Request Form. These may include the following:
    • Before you surplus your UF-owned copier, cancel your maintenance agreement by giving the vendor 30 days prior written notice.
    • Before you surplus your UF owned copier, provide your last meter read to the vendor who maintains the copier.
    • Before you surplus your UF owned copier, notify the vendor (in writing) who maintains the copier and request a pick-up of any vendor owned excess supplies. If the supplies are UF-owned, then the supplies should be sent to Surplus Property.
    • Before you remove your UF owned or leased device, make the necessary arrangements to have the hard drive wiped of any sensitive information leaving the operating system intact.

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