Will training be provided if I receive new equipment?

Published: April 27th, 2015


Absolutely, as part of the contract, Zeno will provide initial on-site training at the time of installation for all devices placed under the PrintSmart program along with follow-up training about two weeks later if needed. Also, a training poster will be provided and should be displayed by each machine to assist the end user in basic functions of the device. If you have any questions after your training or request additional training on your PrintSmart device, please feel free to contact the PrintSmart helpdesk at 1-800-226-6482 and they’ll be happy to schedule a trainer to stop by and show you some other features available on your new device. or Also, you can contact UF Procurement Services at procurement@ufl.edu to schedule additional training. In addition, training manuals and videos are also available for viewing on the PrintSmart website.

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