How will the contractor know when I need toner or service?

Published: April 27th, 2015


One of the benefits of being in the PrintSmart program is that Zeno will be able to monitor supply levels through intelligent device monitoring software and dispatch supplies to the “key device contact” before the toner cartridge is needed. Many service needs will also be monitored through this software. Additionally, there will be a sticker on your device that will explain how to place service and supply calls if needed. A link to request service/supply will be available on the PrintSmart website. NOTE: Please don’t replace any toner cartridges for print devices until there is a Replace Toner Cartridge alert. If you add toner prematurely, the automated process will not work correctly due to the device never seeing the low toner status and toner will not be sent. Only replace the toner when an alert is received.

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